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Coligos Consulting

Who We Are

At Coligos Consulting, we specialize in delivering technical and human capital management (HCM) solutions that drive long-term success for businesses. Focused on combining technical expertise with effective HCM strategies, we propel business growth and enhance overall organizational performance. Our name “Coligos” derives from the Latin word “Coligo,” meaning to unify or connect, reflecting our role as the bridge that seamlessly connects data integrations and APIs to all your HCM needs. We are a premier UKG Certified partner offering UKG Pro interfaces among other services.  At our core, we’re the bridge that seamlessly connects the dots from your data integrations and APIs to all your human capital management (HCM) needs. Our mission is to enhance your business efficiency and
connect people one dot at a time.
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Why Choose Us

Personal Connection

At Coligos, we strive to understand who you are beyond the surface. We offer tailored services that address your specific requirements, guaranteeing that each interaction is enriched with a personalized approach. You are never ‘just a number’.

Deep Industry Experience

Our team is committed to delivering innovative solutions that drive customer value, combining industry expertise with forward-thinking creativity. With over 100 years of combined UKG-seasoned expertise, we bring a wealth of knowledge and insight to every project.

Rapid Value Creation

We take swift actions that lead to superior experiences. With our customer-centric approach, you'll receive solutions promptly, tailored to your requirements, ensuring your utmost satisfaction.

Our Services

UKG Pro Technical Services

Custom Interfaces (Imports / Exports)
Technical System Support
API Development
UKG Component Company Setup
UKG System
Data Analysis & Data Migration
UKG Health

Managed Services

Customers  will receive the following but not limited to:

• Assigned Dedicated Resources

• General UKG Admin Support

People Analytics / BI Report Writing / Dashboards

• Interface Management and UKG Pro Interfaces

• Security and Workflow Maintenance

• UKG Core Configuration Changes

Benefits Support

• UKG Pro Workforce Management (WFM)

• Virtual Training UKG Pro / People Analytics / BI

• Client-Side Implementation

• Software Selection

Managed Services
Our Services

Business Intelligence and
Analytics Reporting

Customized Reports
Pre-Built Reports

Virtual Training